You’re the person of the year. Now do something with your life.

I guess no one told at Time filled in their sponsor, Chrysler, who was going to win Person of the Year, because their ad starts with “You might not be the Person of the Year” and then links to a cover story titled: Time’s Person of the Year: You.  Chrysler’s folly aside, Time’s pick was pretty weak.

I buy a lot of the hype about how the Internet has revolutionized life as we know it and will continue to do so (especially the worlds of politics and traditional media), but I gotta say that Time’s stunt is just that: a trick to sell magazines.  It might be clever if this was the first time they messed with the idea that it normally goes to an individual, but they just gave it to “the American soldier” in 2003.  Even that wasn’t new, seeing as they gave it to “the American fighting man” in 1950.  Plus, they already gave it to the computer in 1982.  I guess that didn’t include people who use computers, and now they’re making up for it?  Oh, and George W. Bush has won it twice, in 1990 with his father and on his own in 2004.  Hat trick, anyone?

From: Justin
Anyway, Justin looks at CollegeHumor more than anyone I know, despite being like three years out of college, but he found a good video honoring those Time deemed worthy of its highest honor.

2006: Year of the Crotch-Shot

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