I’ve got a problem with you people!

“At the Festivus dinner, you gather your family around…and tell them all the ways they disappointed you in the last year”

My friends and I have been celebrating Festivus for years, first encouraged by Mr. Croft in Idea of Man, and then on our own. We focus primarily on the Airing of Greivances. The contributions have grown a little weak as we spend less and less time annoying each other (it’s particularly sad when the most contact you’ve had someone is reading their away message), but alcohol can usually be counted on to bring out some old pet peeves.

One of my all-time favorite grievances (against me) was when Chris launched a passionate attack about how I misled elementary school classmates about the name-brand quality of the cereal his mom bought. I don’t remember doing this, but I do remember that she bought Hydrox instead of Oreos, which is one of those substitutions you just can’t make in life. Of course, the Tringale household benefitted from a liberal 3-cookies-each policy, while my parents stuck to an authoritarian limit of two cookies per serving.

And apparently we’re not alone in celebrating a holiday that originated in a mid-90’s sitcom: Sales of aluminum poles are skyrocketing.

So whatever your holiday, I hope it’s a good one.  And a merry one, if it’s tomorrow.

Festivus video below…YouTube makes you do it this way now.  Nice purchase, Google.

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