there’s no denying that the iPhone’s incredible…


But $600, WITH a 2-year Cingular contract?  Looks like after flirting with some Shuffle populism, Apple has returned to its most dedicated customer base: trust fund hipsters.

and I was excited about the Apple TV, before realizing it will only show iTunes video content.


What I was really looking for, and thanks to my coworker Chris Jones for pointing this out, was the Slingcatcher.  The people who made the Slingbox, which lets you watch what’s on your TV from a computer or cellphone anywhere, are now doing just the opposite, and letting you watch all your Divx movies, YouTube videos, etc. on your TV.  Being released for less than $200 around summer.

3 thoughts on “must…deposit…paycheck

  1. Only problem I see with the Iphone besides the price is that it is only paired with Cingular. WTF apple?? Cingular must have paid a pretty penny for that exclusivity deal because everyone I know has Verizon.

  2. agreed. Cingular must have desperately needed this, cuz Verizon’s been kicking ass. I really fell for the rumors that Apple was going to revolutionize the phone industry – and not just the physical phones – by selling an unlocked phone Euro-style.

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