By Invitation Only

For those of you not in the DC area, the Washington Post has a free daily paper short enough to read on the Metro ride to work. Amongst other tabloid-tastic sections, they have a wedding section, By Invitation Only, or B.I.O., as its known by fans and acronym lovers across the city.

For those of you in DC, don’t know if you noticed, but my brother and sister-in-law were featured. Again. This time, in the annual “Best Of” feature. They tied for best proposal.

Congrats Brian and Lauren. And good luck to Justin, Jeff or myself in trying to top this kind of proposal and publicity.


Also, I love that while everyone else had a picture slow-dancing or kissing, you guys are rocking out in a limo.


3 thoughts on “By Invitation Only

  1. He had his police buddy pull him over and start handcuffing him, only to reveal…the ring! I couldn’t read that one without thinking of Crash, though. Brian should have mentioned how the fine ladies of Miami Beach provided a romantic backdrop and it wouldn’t have been a question.

  2. I actually did mention the quasi-topless high school chicks next to us on the beach, but they left that out. damn space contraints!

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