Let’s Make a Meal!

I kind of love running low on groceries and seeing how many days I can make it before the next trip. Not only does it force you to get creative with your meals, but it also exposes those “good idea at the time” items (I’m looking at you, can of pumpkin purchased October 28th) for what they are.

I just had a late night dinner of 1/4 a can of pineapple bits, a handful of raisins, a slice of cheese, a pickle, and a cup of wild berry (decaf) tea.

Help me plan breakfast.

Your palette:

    -1 can diced tomatoes
    -1 can pumpkin
    -7 kinds of tea and cocoa
    -6 straws of spaghetti
    -M&Ms (pink)
    -red wine (for breakfast?)
    -freezer-burned peppers

You have your orders. Make me breakfast.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Meal!

  1. Pour the tomatoes, some of the pesto and whatever good pieces of pepper you can get into a pan, and splash with red wine to taste. Maybe even break up the spaghetti and throw it in for texture. Cook until the peppers and spaghetti are soft. Eat with a spoon, M&Ms on the side with a nice cup of tea. And then eat a pickle.

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