OMG, you guys!

The most annoying-when-she-wants-to-be character on The Office, now that Andy’s gone, has got to be Kelly.  She’s also my sister-in-law’s favorite character.  And guess what?  She has a blog.  It’s actually pretty funny, and its superficiality is right there in the title for you:

Things I’ve Bought that I Love 

Reasons she doesn’t like using Macs:

And I don’t understand all the millions of icons on my desktop. There is literally an icon of two faces smiling at me and I have no fucking idea what it does. I clicked on something last week and all of a sudden i was like creating and making a home movie or some shit like that.

Rules for buying clothes at thrift stores:

Holes are okay. Underpaid tailors in drycleaners can sew/hem/adjust anything for ten bucks. It’s worth it. However, if something has a wee moth bite and you think you can sew it up and have yourself some nice cashmere on the cheap, you are wrong. Dead wrong. Microscopic beasties are living in that hole and they will have babies on all of your other clothes which will soon have holes as well. Also, steer clear of stains in the crotch area. Other stains are on a case-by-case basis (i.e. can you use bleach? Does it look like somebody died? What kind of death?). A musty odor is not necessarily a bad thing. It just needs a little hot wash and Febreeze. BO on the other hand, may never go away completely. But if the item is awesome, buy it anyway. We’re all human. Smells keep us real.

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