The Case for Hibernation

Everyone I talked to today is exhausted, sick, or both. The temperature’s very low and Fox News has reported to me 7 different ways the cold can kill me, including being wet, homeless, or losing my corneas to the wind.

One to two inches of snow are expected. Maybe somehow that will translate to the federal government getting shut down which will snowball into no work tomorrow. Yeah, I think I’m going to bed at 9.

UPDATE: It’s somehow 11:30 and I’m still awake, but Madeleine did post a great poem that’s echoing my feelings right now:

“Winter’s Onset from an Alienated Point of View”

The first cold front came in
whining like a carpenter’s plane
and curled the warm air
up the sky: winter is
for busy work, summer
for construction. As for
spring and fall, ah, you
know what we do then:
sow and reap. I want
never to be idle or by plumb
or level to fear death,
so I do none of this
in offices away from weather.
– Alan Dugan

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