Jordan’s Furniture short-selling the Sox

With just a few weeks until opening day, Jordan’s Furniture is placing a massive bet against the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2007 by offering a full refund on furniture items purchased by April 16th. I understand the idea behind these kind of promotions in say, 1998, but come on, we won the World Series less than three years ago and we have one of the best starting rotations in baseball this year.

jordan.jpgFor those of you not from the Boston area, Jordan’s Furniture is yet another furniture store with annoying commercials, although unlike Bernie, Phyl, and the Flea Market guy, they do try to contribute something to civilization other than matching living room sets. For instance, their Reading store singlehandedly quadrupled the number of fun things to do in Reading with trapeze lessons, liquid fireworks, and an Imax theater.

Of course, this ruined the quintessential-New-England Lake Quannapowitt with light pollution, but it’s all worth it for a mural of the State House made entirely of Jelly Beans (sidenote: who knew Wakefield had a parody website?). Unfortunately Barry & Barry are still pretty annoying, although apparently one of them is now working with John Lithgow on a Broadway show (Wikipedia never fails).

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