Drink Up

“Truth is, I’ve always been thirsty”
-Ed Bloom, Sr. – Big Fish

Even back when a sip of my Dad’s wine would make me spit fire in the backyard, I loved beverages. I would ask my parents to buy me a drink every time we went somewhere. My “cool empty bottle” collection was my favorite, if not the cleanliest, of all my packrat collections. As I started drinking alcohol and becoming a nutrition freak (the latter preceded the former by a few years fortunately) I found all kinds of new beverages to quench my thirst.


And apparently I’m not the only one who loves beverages. The New York Times’ most emailed article yesterday was You Are Also What You Drink.

In case you’re busy, I’ll summarize for you:

everything with high fructose corn syrup: bad
(pretty much everything at the store)
coffee: questionable
tea: probably good
alcohol: bad, red wine studies be damned

2 thoughts on “Drink Up

  1. I thought it said coffee was good and one alcoholic drink a day of any type was also good but it didn’t have to be wine.

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