Green Mountains, Boys

I’m in Burlington, Vermont for the next couple of days. Despite growing up a few hours away, I’ve never been to Vermont. In 7th grade I had to plan a week vacation in the state for social studies class and all I could come up with was a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Factory followed by helicopter tours of the landscape.

For some reason, packing for the trip and flying here made me feel like I was going to another country. Maybe it’s because Vermont was the last to join of the original 13 colonies and still talks of seceding. Either way, I’m really looking forward to exploring Burlington and meeting with some amazing people along the way.

This completely pointless post brought to you by the wonderful folks at Burlington Airport who believe in free WiFi.

Read about the Green Mountain Boys.



One thought on “Green Mountains, Boys

  1. I hate to be that guy, but Vermont was the 14th state.

    Have fun while you’re there, though! Michelle and I started dating in Burlington.

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