The Day Fun Died

A special guest post by Matthew T. Richissin, commemorating the loss of yet another youth recreation destination in the Boston metropolitan area. I went to Fun Land once, and it rained. That’s just the kind of place Fun Land was. All I can say is GOD SAVE CANOBIE LAKE.

My name is Matthew T. Richissin, I am a 23 year old college student. Though I’m not a religious man, I do believe in heaven; as it is a place that I have already frequented. defines “heaven” as “An eternal state of communion with God; everlasting bliss” and that is just what Fun Land was. Eternal Bliss.

For those who are unfamiliar with Fun Land, let me summarize it for you. Fun Land would be the amusement park you would’ve created at the age of 7 if you had a limited budget and had to build it in Tewksbury, MA. Go Karts that could accommodate a person of any age (provided said person was under 90 pounds), batting cages with pitching machines that weren’t afraid to brush you off the plate, and a mini golf course with obstacles featuring all of your favorite childhood plush toys, such as the Ninja Turtle hole.

Inside, an arcade with all your favorite videogames: NBA Jam, Aerosmith: Revolution and Cruisin’ USA (note: If you were hoping it had San Fransisco Rush, do yourself a favor and throw yourself off the highest building you can find). This was all surrounded by a chain fence topped off with barbed wire. The owners made their point clear, “If you don’t want to have fun, stay the fuck out.”

This is why the news of May 7th came as such a shock to me, as it is a day that will always be known as “The Day Fun Died.” In my opinion, when it is all said and done, the closing of Fun Land will be known as the single greatest national tragedy of the new millennium. I, nor any other great writer, could possibly describe all of the emotions I felt upon hearing the news. I can, however, provide you with images of what I believe this world will look without Fun Land:

I leave you now with the powerful words of the female vocalist Avril Lavigne (you can also watch a video of this fine gent singing it)

So Far Away, Wish You Were Here
Before its too late this could all disappear
Before the doors close and it comes to an end
With you by my side I’ll fight and defend.
I’ll fight and defend
Keep Holding On, cuz I’ll make it through, make it through.
Just Stay Strong, cuz u know I’m here for you, here for you.
There’s nothing you can say.
There’s nothing you can do.
There’s no other way when it comes to the truth
Keep Holding on.

2 thoughts on “The Day Fun Died

  1. yo, what happened to the link w/ the f0got singing avril? Its nto working on site anymore. That’s l a m e. i put spaces to emphasize my point.;

  2. I for one will NOT miss Fun Land, as I was jumped by a gang of Tewksbury youths at the age of 13. Myself and two others were attacked in the Fun Land parking lot and after the initial scuffle, we fled to the aforementioned batting cages to arm ourselves in the event of a second attack.

    This story totally deserves its own post on the blog. “Fun Land — the Dark Side of Fun.”

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