Garbage Pail Kids Reincarnated

Looking back, these were probably the most foul things my parents let us near in the otherwise innocent ’80’s. I remember not being allowed to buy the most super-disgusting Ninja Turtle villain. I couldn’t find a picture of him but I did find this one that my parents did let me get:


But neither were anywhere near as gross as the many Garbage Pail Kids trading cards and stickers we had.

So it’s good to see that they’re back, complete with a make-your-own feature that was the most fun I’ve had this week. The customization panel is also by far the best series of tabs I’ve ever been offered:


Unfortunately the share with a friend feature seems to be broken and there’s no way to embed your card anywhere (it was animated so the little rat comes over and eats at the pool of maggots), but still fun stuff for a Friday:


Make your own.

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