Nothing like advertising to a captive audience

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Nothing like advertising to a captive audience

5 thoughts on “Nothing like advertising to a captive audience

  1. I actually considered mentioning that but figured it wouldn’t impact anyone’s decision whilst looking for the cheapest flight online. But it was US Airways, so begin the boycott.

    Except airports have ads on the security line bins now too…you just can’t win.

  2. a) it’s not like you’ll ever be given a choice on the matter
    b) companies are now stepping up advertising in fields near airports that you can see from the plane / google earth
    c) I plan to henceforth immerse myself in a digital entertainment bubble with noise-canceling headphones and virtual reality goggles

  3. I heard Google just sold adspace on those virtual reality goggles. And the noise-canceling headphones are actually playing the theme song to MASH. very, very quietly.

    let’s sell some brewing equipment!

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