DC Public Pools (and hours)

When I signed up for this triathlon, I expected fundraising $4,200 to be the biggest challenge. Or learning to swim a mile. And while neither of those were a breeze at a picnic, the most difficult thing has just been getting to a pool that’s a) open b) open for lap swimming and c) ideally, free.

But I can’t blame my still-mediocre swimming ability on pool access, because I’ve accrued a nice list of pools I can go to depending where in the city I might be that day. Sleeping over the girlfriend’s and want to spend $6 (which includes access to a water slide)? Hit North Bethesda. Feel like taking two trains and a bus to practice with the rest of the Team? Go to Georgetown Lab School (the only one on this map that probably won’t let John Q. Public in). Grabbing coffee in Eastern Market and not afraid to change in front of some real characters? Rumsey Aquatic Center is right around the corner.

So being the nerd and Google fanboy that I am, I made a map of these pools and their hours. I’ve referred to this constantly since I made it, so maybe it will be handy for you, too.


Special Summertime Note: The pool in East Potomac Park (aka Hains Point) is outdoors!

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