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April, Fools

Well, it’s my first April Fools Day in the professional world, but today’s Sunday so all the wild employment-risking office pranks I had planned will have to wait.

This being a day of rest, I started the morning with Facebook and Gmail and found that those pranksters had some fun of their own:



UPDATE: Check out Lifehacker’s April Fool’s Day posts, such as how to cure seasonal depression with the Macarena.

And Google unveils broadband through your toilet – a “quick, easy and largely sanitary process”

Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?

Facebook now conveniently (?) offers a link to purchase a Birthday Flyer for your friend rather than write on their wall on their birthday.


Advance warning: if anyone I know ever gets me a Facebook Flyer in lieu of an actual present, we’re no longer friends.

That aside, this is pretty stupid. The $1 billion Yahoo! deal or some other revenue they were counting on must be dead if they’re stooping to aggressively pushing birthday flyers.

your face(book)

Facebook recently opened up its API so that programmers could make neat little tools that work with it. Their first few examples were pretty weak (who’s going to use Facebook to try to recollect on a debt?) but there are some new ones worth looking at:

fbcal – export your friends’ birthdays to your iCal, 30boxes, Google Calendar, etc.

Interesting Connections – shows you people you might not think knew each other

Friend Mapper – see where your friends are from on a map

(if this doesn’t sum up the University of Maryland I don’t know what does)


Firefox toolbar – for the extremely addicted

More, including like 8 dating tools. Silly programers, Facebook’s for stalking.