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Moving Day

My own personalized version of hell will involve shoe shopping and furniture moving. And it will be really cold out. I got a little preview this weekend.

My parents invited me to come down to Boca Raton, Florida with them a few months ago, but at the time I didn’t realize how badly I’d need some sun and thought it might be weird tagging along with just my parents. They had an hour layover at Reagan yesterday, so I met up with them for lunch and tried to buy a ticket on their connecting flight, to no avail. I had a swimsuit, sunglasses, and a toothbrush in my backpack just in case. It’s a lot easier to do in romantic comedies I guess.

So now I’m still here and have to move all my stuff 4 feet next door to the other room (we’re taking turns with the small room). Meaning the few piles I’ve managed to eliminate in the last 6 months will be back, and those I hadn’t tackled yet will be emboldened by the veritable jailbreak of clutter.

Crack Commando Marketing Student

Brian officially became the second brother to start a blog (the others will fall someday).

As usual he was a bit wiser, by a) starting it when not working full time and b) choosing a discernible topic to cover.  M.B.A. Baracus is off to a great start, including a Bank of America cover of U2’s “One”. Another song ruined by a lame corporation while authentically creative works are deleted or sued.

P.S. the title refers to Mr. T’s character on the A-Team, Seargant Bosco “B.A.” Baracus

P.P.S. I should note that Sister Lauren also has a blog, but I can’t find it and I’m willing to bet she’s left it for dead. Lauren, if you’re reading this, prove me wrong.

The Case for Hibernation

Everyone I talked to today is exhausted, sick, or both. The temperature’s very low and Fox News has reported to me 7 different ways the cold can kill me, including being wet, homeless, or losing my corneas to the wind.

One to two inches of snow are expected. Maybe somehow that will translate to the federal government getting shut down which will snowball into no work tomorrow. Yeah, I think I’m going to bed at 9.

UPDATE: It’s somehow 11:30 and I’m still awake, but Madeleine did post a great poem that’s echoing my feelings right now:

“Winter’s Onset from an Alienated Point of View”

The first cold front came in
whining like a carpenter’s plane
and curled the warm air
up the sky: winter is
for busy work, summer
for construction. As for
spring and fall, ah, you
know what we do then:
sow and reap. I want
never to be idle or by plumb
or level to fear death,
so I do none of this
in offices away from weather.
– Alan Dugan

By Invitation Only

For those of you not in the DC area, the Washington Post has a free daily paper short enough to read on the Metro ride to work. Amongst other tabloid-tastic sections, they have a wedding section, By Invitation Only, or B.I.O., as its known by fans and acronym lovers across the city.

For those of you in DC, don’t know if you noticed, but my brother and sister-in-law were featured. Again. This time, in the annual “Best Of” feature. They tied for best proposal.

Congrats Brian and Lauren. And good luck to Justin, Jeff or myself in trying to top this kind of proposal and publicity.


Also, I love that while everyone else had a picture slow-dancing or kissing, you guys are rocking out in a limo.


Let’s Make a Meal!

I kind of love running low on groceries and seeing how many days I can make it before the next trip. Not only does it force you to get creative with your meals, but it also exposes those “good idea at the time” items (I’m looking at you, can of pumpkin purchased October 28th) for what they are.

I just had a late night dinner of 1/4 a can of pineapple bits, a handful of raisins, a slice of cheese, a pickle, and a cup of wild berry (decaf) tea.

Help me plan breakfast.

Your palette:

    -1 can diced tomatoes
    -1 can pumpkin
    -7 kinds of tea and cocoa
    -6 straws of spaghetti
    -M&Ms (pink)
    -red wine (for breakfast?)
    -freezer-burned peppers

You have your orders. Make me breakfast.

Liberate the People’s Republic of Cambridge

From: Justin

Justin’s birthday gift to me was better late than never, and actually pretty sweet. He got me two shirts from a company called Brandwashed. The company prints all of its invoices, etc. on looseleaf paper, and sent along about 20 stickers of other shirt designs in a fresh-scented “sanitary napkin” bag. Below are some of the more entertaining t-shirts available. They also have a few other cities available, in case you’re not from metropolitan Boston.

Justin got me this one:


and it also came with this one free:


Other fun shirts: