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Remember the game ‘Memory’ from when you were little? You flip over a card and try to find its match elsewhere in the grid. I don’t know if it helped me develop a good memory (it certainly didn’t for names – if only there were a Guess Who Edition of Memory), but sometimes when you’re walking around the city you see something that reminds you of something else you’ve seen. I’m going to take pictures of each and pair them in my quest to find a soulmate for everything, even inanimate objects.

Make an Internet Time Capsule with Google Chrome

If you use the Chrome browser, you may have noticed that when you begin typing in the address bar, Google’s Autocomplete prediction service guesses where you might be heading to save you keystrokes. If you have Web History enabled, those guesses aren’t just popular websites, but rather the sites you’re historically most likely to visit.

I realized that this list of sites actually end up serving as a sort of internet time capsule of the last ten weeks (the amount of time the browser history spans). So, here are my Internet ABCs of my last three months of grad school at the Media Lab. Click any of the images to go to the site.

A is for Analytics
is for Analytics. I maintain a lot of websites

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