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Interview Tips for MBAs

It’s May and people are graduating, which means sacrificing the first of many summers to an air conditioned office. That is, if you have a job lined up. If you aren’t, you could benefit from these interview tips.

In case you thought group projects and the inevitable videos died in middle school high school college, my brother Brian is here with classmates (colleagues?) from the Kenan-Flager Business School at UNC Chapel Hill.

Some humorous parts in here. Skip to the 6 minute mark for Brian, or, like all good videos, skip to the very end for a montage.

For more fun, check out Brian’s former attempts at becoming an online video celebrity.

No love for Napoleon

The TV commercial version of the trailer for the new Will Ferrell / Napoleon Dynamite Guy movie humored me, although not in the “two guys figure skating together” sense the producers intended.  No, what strikes me is the long awkward silence they left in after Will Ferrell’s top billing.

I just hope this will continue to entertain me the next 350 times I see this trailer.

…and already eating my words, there are a few funny parts in the full version of the trailer (and Jon Heder gets billed):

turtle power

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for the TMNT movie…March 2007 once sounded so far away. I passed the time by being a TMNT for Halloween…for the third time in my life. My bo did not make it home.

I guess in this one the turtles are going to be a bit more Matrix-y/frog-like (yes, Matrix-y is a word).

I had another great video of a crazy obsessed TMNT woman, but Viacom made Youtube take it down.