Here is a selection of my work. Or, view a visual grid.

Participatory Aid MarketplaceMy MIT Master's thesis on peer-to-peer humanitarian aid2011 - 2013
LazyTruthAn award-winning email service to fight misinformation in your inbox2012 -
The On1onA parody of the parody, auto-populated with real news2013 -
@UpworthySpoilerA Twitter account that saves you from linkbait2013 -
MediaMeterWhat if you had a nutrition label for your media diet?2011-2012
Visualize Your Media DietA visual diary of my media and information consumption for one week.2012
StudyGraderTeaching news readers to think critically about science journalism2012
Visualizing the Online News EcosystemA system visualization2011
AdCroppedA minimalist blog on a daily mission to reclaim the creative from advertising by cropping out the pitch2010 – 2011
Revamping New Media at the New Organizing InstituteHoning the New Organizing Institute's message and amplifying its reach online2010 - 2011
Membership Engagement and SurveysHow I help the New Organizing Institute engage and serve its members2010 - 2011
The Organizing ToolboxCreating a home on the web for revolutionary curricula2010 - 2011
First Annual Organizer AwardsDesign of an identity package and online voting system2010
New Media WarroomHow I organized the nerve center to bring order to an unconference2010
Scaling the UnconferenceHow I designed a system that pleased 25 non-technical conference organizers and a national office2010
YearbotA concept yearbook customized to please the only person that matters: the customer2008 - 2009
TheyNeedUsNow.orgA rapid response to aid nonprofits whose funding was invested with Bernie Madoff2008 - 2009
Campaign Reform 2.0Finding new audiences for a new approach to the corrosive influence of money in politics2007 - 2009
Advertising StartupProduct design and iteration on behalf of a disruptive advertising startup2007 - 2008
Idea Incubation CommunityAn online community working to find the next big idea2007
Selected WritingSelected publications and web writing samples2006 - 2011
Miscellaneous FunA collection of additional side projects, including the most songs you've ever heard on a CD2006 - 2011
NetSquared DC: Where tech and social change meet upMonthly event I organized for four years2006 - 2010
Teaching a CEO to BlogHelping a pioneer of sustainable business engage authentically online2006 - 2008
Environmental & Energy TVAssisting in production of two daily Capitol Hill news shows in a completely digital studio2006
User-Centered Design for a Clinical LaboratoryAn example of the web design processes I am practiced in2006
The Role of Blogs in the Political MediaMy undergraduate honors thesis on the Internet's disruption of traditional journalism and politics2005 - 2006