National Conference New Media Warroom


Almost 1,000 progressive organizers showed up to our National RootsCamp unconference event with no set agenda. I led a team of seven volunteers in the formation of a “New Media Nerve Center,” to provide a central hub of information, multimedia content generation, and event support. We were able to simultaneously provide a compelling online experience, quickly resolve offline issues, and capture and disseminate stories as they unfolded.

I created a seamless publication system for incoming photos, videos, and text updates to immediately get them online through a number of channels. I also coordinated the livestreaming of opening and closing sessions and on-the-ground video interviews with event attendees. Our Twitter presence became Washington, DC’s second most popular trending topic for the entire weekend as we used it to highlight reports from sessions, promote an awards ceremony, and generally build excitement in the weeks prior to and following the event.

I coordinated online promotion for an awards ceremony that drew hundreds of nominations and thousands of votes
Awards Ceremony
I also worked with a team of seven volunteers to livestream and document the "unconference" as it unfolded
Volunteer Team