NetSquared DC: Where tech and social change meet up

2006 – 2010

For four years, I co-organized NetSquared DC, one of the DC technology community’s most popular and longest-running events. We grew our monthly Meetup to over 1,100 members and 55 events strong, with consistently high reviews from attendees. Our events focused at the intersection of technology and social change, where we regularly explored emerging technologies and considered how they could be harnessed to create change in the world.

Selected Events, 2006 – 2010:

  • Citizen Effect: A New Approach to Philanthropy
  • The Knight Foundation’s News Challenge and Developer Garage
  • Launching an Activist Blogger Network with Care2’s 13 million members
  • Nonprofit Makeover featuring the Institute for Politics Democracy & the Internet
  • Making Crowdsourcing Work with GeniusRocket, MixedInk, and Cooltown Studios
  • Vote Report India and Ushahidi
  • Growing Communities Beyond the Choir with Eat Well Guide
  • Mobile Volunteering Brainstorm with The Extraordinaries
  • The Future of Internet Policy with the Center for Democracy & Technology
  • Using technology to engage citizens in decision making with AmericaSpeaks
  • Brainstorm with SocialActions: What would you do with the ultimate advocacy toolbox?
  • APIs for Change with Sunlight Labs
  • Open Government Web Tools with the Center for Responsive Politics and
  • Technology and Innovation in Africa with Kabissa and AMGlobal Consulting
  • Mapping for Nonprofits: GIS with Avencia
  • Wiki to the People: Help a House Staffer Revolutionize the Legislative Process

Event Formats:

Speaker Series: Informal conversations with a guest of honor on a wide range of topics.

Extreme Nonprofit Makeover: A dedicated pro bono session to crowdsource the interaction design, graphic design, and/or user experience of a nonprofit’s website and online strategy. The audience weighs in with their professional opinion, and learns vicariously from their peers.

SpeedGeek Show & Tell: A rotating innovation session for social and web entrepreneurs to hone their pitches and get several rounds of feedback and support for their venture.


We’ve had support over the years from fantastic sponsors such as Microsoft, George Washington University, Google, Care2, and the Sunlight Foundation. We’ve also been generously hosted by the Affinity Lab community, one of the first coworking labs in the nation.

NetSquared DC: Where tech and social change meet up.
NetSquared DC logo
Events regularly drew 40-60 attendees. Photo by DevelopmentSeed on Flickr.
Community conversations
Hosting an event at Google's newly-opened DC office. Photo by technotheory on Flickr.
Hosting an event at Google DC
Events were hosted at the Affinity Lab, an entrepreneurial space in DC
Affinity Lab
GIS for social change event in 2007
Mapping for Nonprofits event flyer
Our 50-plus events received an average of 4.5 stars from Meetup users
Consistently high marks from the community