The Organizing Toolbox


The New Organizing Institute has a strong reputation for providing high quality trainings to campaign organizers. But as a small organization, we have had trouble meeting the incredible demand for our trainings. So we have put our entire curriculum online for free, including the videos, worksheets, and everything needed to not just learn for oneself, but also teach the lessons to others.

Converting a training curriculum from workbooks and in-person events to a website was a significant undertaking. My colleagues worked on collecting and revising the training materials, while I designed the information architecture of the site and wireframed the individual module pages. We completed several generations of the site, each time improving the usability. Helping users download and begin using the materials was the primary goal of the site, so I designed a process that was easy and clear to the user, while still fulfilling a required email registration wall. Throughout the process, I successfully advocated for a user flow that cleared unnecessary obstacles and minimized page loads. The Toolbox has launched with great fanfare and early feedback is extremely positive, but we will continue to refine the site as we learn more about our users and add new content to our curriculum.

One of several wireframes proposals to visualize how curriculum content could be organized
Toolbox Wireframe
We created a consistent download process for users, limiting the inconvenience of a required email registration wall
Materials Download Section
Screenshot of the completed Organizing Toolbox
Organizing Toolbox screenshot
Community video site allows members to see how others give the same training
Community Video Uploads