Thesis: The Role of Blogs in the Political Media

2005 – 2006

I researched and wrote an honors political science thesis on the evolution of media in the United States through the lens of political communications. Specifically, I focused on the disruptive role that blogs, and the Internet at large, have played on traditional journalism and political powerholders.

I traced the evolution and consolidation of the mainstream media and the subsequent rise of citizen media, driven by interactivity, community, and accessibility. I was able to show how blogs and other interactive media can augment, and sometimes even supplant, existing media and political institutions, such as newspapers and political parties. I examined how networks can improve the discovery and distribution of information and how the Internet has enabled the individual’s participation in media creation. But I also discussed the limitations of these new media, and the balance between instantaneous reaction and long-form thought. The thesis received High Honors.