Per Order of Mr. Butters

Apparently my Facebook wall is the proper venue to request blog posts.

Butters writes:

Top 5 things I’d like to read about on mStem:
1. The New U2 video.
2. The death of the Ramen guy.
3. How dubbs old media is.
4. Why Hillary Clinton is the anti-christ
5. How Sports Guy is basically a Boston Globe writer masquerading as a national sports columnist.

I reply:

1. if you’re the future of old media, it’s as good as dead.
2. the ramen guy died like weeks ago (the biggest d-list celebrity death out of asia since the rumor went around that fitness celebrity John Basedow died in the tsunami)
3. the sports guy comment would have been relevant in…oh, say 2003
4. I don’t recall ever being accused of being a huge hillary fan (although her stance on privacy regulations is noteworthy).
5. the u2 video was pretty sweet though, i’ll probably put it up.

Here it is. I’m not that impressed by the song, but the video’s great:

And even though it wasn’t actually U2 doing this, it will probably still make you lost a little respect for them…

U2 virtual concert in Second Life:

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