March of the Irish

Is it just me or has St. Patrick’s Day become a month-long affair? I’m not complaining, it just means more Guiness to drink and music to jig to, but it’s kind of like when your 2nd grade teacher decorates the entire classroom and wants to milk it before putting up “spring” a.k.a. Easter decorations.

Except now it seems to be the result of post-college kids with no spring break to go on* with lots of pent-up energy and unspoilt livers.

Last week was the Irish Walk and tomorrow’s Shamrockfest. And it’s still a week ’til the actual day of corned beef and roasted potatoes.

And sticking with the green theme, TWO WEEKS ‘TIL TMNT!

*I know far too many people taking spring break trips anyway to not include this asterisk

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