This Used to be My Playground

Reading’s coolest playground, Imagination Station, is no more. And the Chronicle’s front page coverage was depressing:


The community came together to build it, and apparently communities don’t build very long-lasting playgrounds.

But Imagination Station had a lot going for it, such as the walkie talkie spots and tunnels.

I remember how excited I was the day I found the secret burrow that gave you access to UNDERNEATH all of the structures. Not long after I was told that the playground had a major rat infestation problem and that that’s where the rats scurried about stockpiling their discarded ice cream wrappers.

Please, leave your favorite Imagination Station memories in the comments so it can live on through this blog, if not the pile of lumber pictured above.

3 thoughts on “This Used to be My Playground

  1. okay, i am wholeheartedly saddened by your loss….but I seriously thought you meant the childrens bookstore in arlington, va, called “Imagination Station” which was by FAR my favorite childhood bookstore. so I freaked out. but guess what??? they DID destroy THAT Imagination Station as well! just recently!

    it seems “imagination station” is a cursed name, I suppose…

    “Imagination Station Children’s Bookstore on Lee Highway is now closed. We would like to say thank you to our loyal customers. Since 1985, numerous Arlington kids learned to love books at home, in school, and in our store. Our wonderful staff deserves great credit. If you are saddened by the closing of Imagination Station, we understand …”

  2. I helped build IS. I did something involving those hanging tires. I can’t remember exactly what.

    PS: My map is so much more impressive than yours. And for reasons passing understanding my ISP server is Israel. So if you see some hits in the Middle East, that’s me.

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