Just in time for Summer: the Ocean

Forget the iPhone.

The Ocean’s better. And available now. And ONE THIRD the price.

I haven’t been this excited for a consumer electronics, nay, any purchase, since I ordered the Nomad Jukebox back in 2002 (the iPod wasn’t working on PCs yet).

The Helio Ocean is at long last available for purchase, after driving me nuts with a vague “Spring 2007” release date. Click here for its features.

I’ve just scored a major victory in the battle for free time. The sooner I can do all of my email reading, blogging, Facebook-pruning, and other daily computer stuff while I’m bored on the bus and not in the precious free time at night, the better. I like to think that in the future, sitting in front of a desktop computer is going to be pretty old-fashioned.

And to add to my excitement, the Ocean is arriving via free two-day FedEx.

Even with all of the hype (and corresponding share price), Google continues to amaze me. A quick search for “Helio Ocean promo code” found:

The discount is as follows:
$75 off the device
$30 activation fee waived
$25 off your invoice for the first 4 months,
plus 1 month free of TV service.

A total value of $211


Promo Code: B2BYMOD ($220 after discount)

If you order one and want to say thanks for the discount, put my phone number in the referral box on the order page and I’ll get a free month of service.



3 thoughts on “Just in time for Summer: the Ocean

  1. how does it work — you just get one and can add to your existing cell plan, or no? I could be down for this thing, looks awesome.

  2. You have to sign a 2-year contract with Helio (who basically re-brand Sprint’s network service, from what I understand, which is pretty good, from what I understand).

    Fortunately I’ve been on a month-to-month basis with Verizon for a while now.

  3. What is your number? I’m ordering one right now, and I always hate ordering something without using a referal number, because someone else could benefit. Please email it to me ASAP at Atomw7 (at) @0L (dot) c0m

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