Modest Undertaking

Sorry for the silence loyal reader(s). I really need to set up a way to automate posting, because I spend enough time at a computer screen. That’s what my attempt at mobile blogging my cellphone pics is…but clearly I don’t know much about CSS…I’ll try to bug someone at work to help me get rid of that extra crap.

Anyway, from the photography newsletter Photojojo comes this fantastic fanatic undertaking:

To create their stop-motion rendition of Modest Mouse’s “Missed the Boat”, they took original footage from the group, printed it out frame-by-frame on 4,133 sheets of paper, then took photos of those sheets of paper with a digital camera. Finally, they assembled thousands of photos into a four-and-a-half minute stop-motion video.

This is one of many entries in Modest Mouse’s create a video contest, which inspired a lot better looking videos than Doritos’ Super Bowl commercial for a much smaller bounty.

Other entries

Also featured on Wooster Collective, a sweet street art blog.

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