27 Media Labs that aren’t the MIT Media Lab

While Googling for the Media Lab logo the other day, I came across several pages of results with the logos of other Media Labs. As everyone appends ‘Labs’ to the title of their organizations, a gold rush for laboratory beaker clip art has emerged. Here are 27 other scientific workshops of “media”, including a bonus logo of the now-defunct Media Lab Europe (think Euro Disney). Behold!

xml-logo social-media-lab-logo-resized PortfolioItemImageLarge-logo-SMlab nyc_media_lab_logo mml_logo_horizontal MLM-logo MediaLabPartnersLogo MediaLab-logo-thumb_BW Listlab_letterhead media_lab_logo m3lab_logo_new

logo logo_phpBB logo_dribbble

logo (1) imlab_logo HCMLlogo.indd
FML_logo-300x300 Final_MIH_logo_small DMLLogo_Sq cropped-media-lab-logo bt_medialab_logo 1349206739centrifuge-logo-small 291509515_df862ae33e_z 70726 628x471

2 thoughts on “27 Media Labs that aren’t the MIT Media Lab

  1. \”Mih\” is dangerously close to \”Meh.\”
    The Dunkies color scheme on that one is just icing on the–er–doughnut.

    Are the symbols for film, photography, music and \”next page\” (!) in the DML logo going into a trash bucket?

    A logo with beakers ought to be in every middle school media literacy curriculum to illustrate the parallels between Snape Science and the social media industry.

    The pink logo reading \”future media lab\” is obviously lifted from an infant onesie and given as swag with an infant iPad.

    The bubbles coming out of all but one of the beakers raise an interesting question about the Craft BM that will dog nutritional anthropologists of the future.

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